Capture Clearly The Unexpected with HEVCnefu d3

NEFU D3 offers a very pleasant
and comportable environment
with an advanced video cording technology

Be clearly remembered

3CH Recording Camera from 3 view pointsnefu 3r

Main Camera face forward to record everything that
happens in front of you, and 2 separated cameras
showing both side blind areas of your vehicle.

The Most Cost-Efficient FHD Dash Camnefu sleek

Looking for a FHD Dash Cam that performs
core functions at a thrifty price


Dash Cam Night Vision in Shinjuku


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Product BlueprintingDesign the future and car environment

  • 01

    Planning Phase

    Identify Specification, Decide Functions, Plan a Schedule, Quality Plan


    Design Phase

    Finalize BOM, Design a Board, Design Product Case, Set up a Scene UI, Tool design and build

  • 03

    Pre-Implementation Phase

    Initial Installation Process


    Implementation Phase

    Make a mold and injection molding

  • 05

    Engineering Sample Phase

    Set Product Pass/Fail status, Experts analyse the generated test output


    Pre-Production Phase

    Clearly defines tasks necessary to enter the production


    Test Production Phase

    Initial inspection of the mass production


    Mass Production Phase

    Start Mass Production