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Increase your
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With our technologies



  • 2014

    06 : R&D Center was established

    05 : Founded ‘Hantechnology Co. Ltd.

  • 2015

    09 : FHD/FHD Platform development (H.264, ADAS, Format Free)

  • 2016

    09 : 3CH Platform development (H.264, ADAS, Format Free)

    01 : FHD Rear Cam of a dash camDevelopment completion

  • 2017

    09 : H.265 applied Platform Development completion(H.265, ADAS, Format Free)

    06 : 4″ Display Platform development (H.264, ADAS, Format Free)

    04 : Low-cost 3CH Platform development

    01 : To “Nconnect co., ltd” from Hantechnology co., ltd.”, change the company firm

Technology Connectivity

We provide the optimized products that tailored
To meet the needs of the clients

  • Dashboard CameraDriving Recorder
    Nconnect’s Patented technology, “Journaling for FAT File System” ensures that our car application manage to detect file system error and fragmented data by self-diagnosis.
  • Advanced Drive Assistance SystemADAS
    Nconnect’s ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems) are systems to help the driver in the driving process. When designed with a safe human-machine interface, they should increase car safety and more generally road safety.
  • Around View Monitoring System3D AVM
    Nconnect’s AVM (Around view monitoring) is a support technology that assists drivers to park more easily by better understanding the vehicle’s surroundings through a virtual bird’s-eye view from above the vehicle.
  • Wireless Communication TechnologyWireless Communication
    Terminating : device a terminating device changes all sort of sensor information into an electrical signal that enables transport.
    Signal conversion : a sensor signal converter is a device that converts signals from sensors to industrial current signals, converts analog input signals to analog output signals, normalizes signals, or isolates signals.
    Communication : Bluetooth / LTE / Wi-Fi / ZigBee / NFC
  • Sensor Control TechnologyWireless Communication
    CO2 Sensor : a CO2 sensor measures carbon dioxide in monitoring indoor air quality, and helps to prevent driving while drowsy.
    VOCs Sensor : a VOCs sensor detects harmful factors and environmental damage to human health, especially eyes, nose and throat.
    Dust sensor : a dust sensor gives a good indication of the air quality in an environment by measuring the dust concentration under PM2.5
  • Mobile Application TechnologyMobile Application
    Remote Control : Remote control function can help to remotely control or observe a user’s smart device
    Push Notification : Push notification is the delivery of information from a software application to a computing device without a specific request from the users.
    Measure & Analysis : Measurement & Analysis function monitors sensor information in the measurement data such as CO2 and VOCs

Product Development Process

We provide the optimized products that tailored to meet the needs of the clients.

  • Product Planning
    Market research
    Information Analysis
    Concept Design
  • R&D
    Research and Development
  • Product Manufacturing
    Basic Design
    Tool Design
    Development of circuit
    Development of prototype
  • Mass Production
    A mold making
    Injection molding

Dashcam Based Technology

TFF Format Free Technology makes your device doesn’t need to format memory periodically.
Also you can see the video through every devices without separate program.

fat tat TFF nefu
Format Cycle
Need format per 2weeks

No format

No format
Memory lifetime


Dedicated Viewer


Universal Viewer (WMP, VLC, KMP etc.)



Diverse Dash Cam Technologies

We have established our own independent systems for production and
development on the basis of highlyadvanced Automobile-related Technology.

  • H.265(HEVC)

    High Quality Mode (Bandwidth 10Mbps)

    Crystal Clear & Seamless Image Quality

  • Normal Quality Mode (Bandwidth 8Mbps)

    A revolutionary compression method makes much efficient storage reduction at the same level of video quality.
    * Increase storage space up to 20 ~ 50% compared to H.264 (32Gb Card after 138mins 20 free Space)

  • H.264(AVC)

    High Quality Mode (Bandwidth 10Mbps)

    Poor Image Quality with Fuzzy Mosaic Storage space is inefficient even thought using higher bandwidth compared to H.265
    * Storage space is full after 138mins (32Gb SD)

  • ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance System

    ADAS is Advanced Driver Assistance System. When your car begins to move out of its lane or too close to the car in front of you, Nconnect’s dash cam will alarm to warn you.

  • The Different Recording ModesMultiple Recording Modes

    Multiple Recording Modes such as “Continuous”, “Incident”, “Manual”, “Parking” modes are able to help you to handle diverse situation.

  • PIP Multi-viewPicture in Picture Multi-view

    Picture-in Picture feature allows you to choose either camera to show a larger on-screen image while the feed from the other is a much smaller image. You can also opt to have just one of the camera feeds visible.

  • Ultra Night VisionUltra Night Vision

    Ultra Night Vision for superior low light compensation reacts to extreme light conditions like your eyes. It helps to reduce glare and delivers stunning image quality day and night.

  • Prevent BatteryPrevent Discharge

    Nconnect’s low-power circuit design technology for a Dash cam ensures to prevent discharge. Also the technology helps you set the battery status by yourself.

  • Voice GuidanceVoice Guide

    Voice Guidance Function will inform user of the current operating stage such as Incident, Parking, and Manual while driving.