The key element in medical care, The air in the roomNEFU CO2 SENSOR

Indoor air quality management


NEFU CO2 SENSOR Many aspects of our lives, Indoor air

The principal reason for relating the air in the room to
human health rather than air pollution
is that we normally spend most of our time
(Approx. more than 80 percent of daily lives) 24 hours a day at indoor places

NEFU CO2 SENSORThe effect of CO₂ on human body

1,000 ppm, CO₂ International standardization of Indoor air quality

  • PPM

    Indoor air quality is well-maintained

  • PPM

    It has no harmful effect on human body even if people stay inside for a long time

  • PPM

    It has no harmful effect on human body, but people may feel uncomfortable

  • PPM

    It’s in a state of inducing sleep

  • PPM

    It’s in a state of feeling headache and shoulder discomfort

  • PPM

    It has harmful effect on human body in the long term


NEFU CO2 SENSORWhy do we need CO₂ Sensor?

  • Staying inside almost all day long01

    Modern People Normally spend More than 80 percent of their time 24 hours a day at indoor spaces. As residential areas allow people to take a rest and get some sleep, Poisonous gases are inherent in living spaces can be very dangerous for kids and elderly people with weak immune system and it would have a huge effect on human body.

    Our modern life with a lack of indoor ventilation02

    As reinforced insulation and high level of airtightness for energy saving have begun to strengthen, sufficient amount of indoor ventilation has failed to secure . Through this, various damages by indoor air pollution entailing headache, pusillanimity , drowsiness, allergy, stress are occurring within indoor places where many people gather.

  • CO₂ Concentration , 1,000PPM03

    CO₂ concentration within a range from between 1,000ppm and 2,000ppm can affect human body by allowing people feel discomfort when they inhale. As several kinds of symptoms, they are bringing about breathing faster, having a rapid pulse, increasing blood & pulse pressure, headache, fatigue, dizziness, discomfort, and so forth.

    CO₂ can cause driving while drowsy04

    Because of an increase in CO2 concentration, it may cause falling asleep at the wheel while driving long distance. From time to time, Kids or pets are suffocated by the heater in winter season or the Air-conditioner in summer season.

  • Warning system of indoor ventilation is needed05

    The complete solution has not yet made to control poisonous gases in the air efficiently. Thus, most of modern people would rather have compulsory ventilation system than natural one since they’ve got some severe problems including air pollution source and living environment or workplace encapsulation.

    The key to successful medical care, CO₂ sensor06

    CO₂ Sensor can insure our health And safety from risks of Air pollution or main cause of dozing off at wheel In advance.

NEFU CO2 SENSORCO₂ Sensor Operating Scenario

CO₂ Sensor allows a driver to check the status of CO₂ concentration while driving

Live footage

it allows a driver to see the current staged CO₂ concentration intuitively

Stand by mode

Changes in CO2 concentration is indicated

① It enters into a ready status for 3mins, after connecting CO2 sensor(PPM figure indicates as “0”)
② It starts measuring a real time concentration in 3 mins(it appears in numeric value)
③ voice guide is formed differently according to the concentration

NEFU CO2 SENSOROther applications for the use of CO2 Sensor

Higher measurement reliability, long shelf-life and relatively lower power consumption

Automotive aftermarket & AQS system

Dash cameras and car sterilizers equipped with the linkage of automotive application can efficiently adjust the car interior’s CO2 concentration for the prevent of driving while drowsy

Medical and bio-industry

It works in simultaneously controlling & supplying CO2 or O2 concentration and can be widely used for medical measuring instrument which can help our smoothly breathing

Multi-use facility

Excessive CO2 concentration allows students study hard get easily exhausted and induce sleep. that’s exactly where you’re going to find the answers using CO2 sensor. (Library/indoor office/child care center)

Monitoring construction site

To prevent global warming issue, All the places inquire burning fossil fuels must have a real-time monitoring system into the amount of exhaust gas emission

Agricultural facility(Smart farm)

CO2 can be very helpful for agricultural products’ photosynthesis. So in a sense, agricultural facilities are also in need of real-time monitoring system of CO2 concentration.

Underground facility

As the evaluation system for underground facility’s indoor air quality has kicked off, real-time CO2 measurement is absolutely needed.

NEFU CO2 SENSORDash camera CO₂ Sensor Module Configuration

Higher measurement reliability, long shelf-life and relatively lower power consumption

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    The use of external GPS
    compatible interface

    it can be used on your existing
    dash cameras without
    changing the hardware.

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    GPS data(NMEA Data) The use of compatible data structure

    With the same structure of traditional GPS data,
    It is designed for applications where simplicity and ease of software revision work

Product Specifications


Tiny H/W size

Low power design

comes with higher accuracy and safety

Dual Channel NDIR(Non-dispersive infrared)

D/I : RS232, I2C, PWM

TTL Level output CO2 concentration Warning (Warning When > 1,000ppm)


Dimension : 49 x 19 x 26.5mm

Operation Technology : Non-dispersive infrared(NDIR)

Operating Temperature : 0℃~ 50℃(Non-condensing)

CO2 Measure ment

Operating Humidity : 0 ~ 95% RH (Non-condensing)

Operating Environment : Residential, Commercial spaces

Storage Temperature : -20℃~ 70℃(Non-condensing)

Sensing Method : Dual Channel NDIR (Non-dispersive Infrared)

Measurement Range : 300 to 5,000 ppm

Accuracy : ±(50ppm +3% of measured value)

Warm-up time : < 3 minutes

Response Time : < 60 seconds (diffusion)

Sampling Interval : ~ 3 seconds

Electrical Date

Power Input : 5 VDC @60mA peak, 10mA average Minimum input 4.5V, Max 5.3V

OutCput connector : 8 pins

Output interface Digital Output : RS232(UART), PWM output, I2C bus TTL level output