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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How do an air sterilization and an air purifier differ?

    A general air purifier is a device that uses physical filters to collect fine dust and harmful substances.
    Due to its features, there is a limit to eliminate viruses and bacteria.
    However HealAir is a device that not only removes fine dust, but also harmful substances like bacteria and viruses using OH Radical method.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How much does electric charge if I operate the device a whole month?

    Utility bill is under $1 per month for the whole month due to low power design under Max. 6Wh.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] Do I need to operate the device 24 hours a day?

    Indoor air quality is polluted continually by harmful substance, so it needs continued maintenance.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] What kinds of harmful air pollutants does it remove?

    HealAir is effective for Bioaerosol, Microbe, Virus, Mold, VOCs, Ultra-fine dust, Formaldehyde, Bad odor.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How do I replace the supplies?

    Check the components of supplies box. The components are Safety gloves, HEPA filter, Cartridge, Cartridge case, Arc generator.

    ① Open the right lid and install the HEPA filter
    ② The safety gloves keep your hands to install the cartridge
    ③ Open the lid of the cartridge
    ④ Remove the guide bar
    ⑤ When you insert the cartridge to the case, please face ‘L’ shape to outside
    ⑥ Close the guide bar
    ⑦ Open the left lid and install the arc generator and cartridge in sequence
    ⑧ Push the reset button on the bottom of the right side of the device or on your device.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] What’s in the supplies box?

    The supplies box has HEPA filter, Cartridge and Arc generator.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How do I get the supplies?

    The ring LEDs and a initial button LED will be flicker on and off in use for 4 months .
    In order to purchase supplies, please push the purchase button on your mobile phone or call at local retailer.

    · mobile app : main – purchase (push the button)
    · Retail shop : 00-000-0000

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How do I know when it’s time to replace the supplies?

    You will get a voice prompt “Please replace the supplies.” in use for 4 months.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] Is it necessary to reset the device on first use?

    When used firstly, Setup is automated and environments are provided in a predefined initial state.
    However we suggest to reset the device through dedicated mobile app or the reset button on the bottom of the right side of Healair.

  • How to use

    Can I use the black box on any type of vehicle including a sedan or a truck?

    The product supports 12~24V and can be used with any type of vehicle.