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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How do an air sterilization and an air purifier differ?

    A general air purifier is a device that uses physical filters to collect fine dust and harmful substances.
    Due to its features, there is a limit to eliminate viruses and bacteria.
    However HealAir is a device that not only removes fine dust, but also harmful substances like bacteria and viruses using OH Radical method.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How much does electric charge if I operate the device a whole month?

    Utility bill is under $1 per month for the whole month due to low power design under Max. 6Wh.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] Do I need to operate the device 24 hours a day?

    Indoor air quality is polluted continually by harmful substance, so it needs continued maintenance.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] What kinds of harmful air pollutants does it remove?

    HealAir is effective for Bioaerosol, Microbe, Virus, Mold, VOCs, Ultra-fine dust, Formaldehyde, Bad odor.

  • Product Issues

    [HealAir] CO₂ gas concentration is not indicated on my mobile phone.

    To display CO₂ concentration, CO₂ sensor (optional) must be connected to the back of the device.
    Once the CO₂ sensor is connected, CO₂ concentration will be displayed as PPM unit.

  • Product Issues

    [HealAir] The device is not interlocked with my mobile phone.

    Please check whether your Bluetooth is on.
    Once Bluetooth is on, your smartphone automatically connects the device.

  • Product Issues

    [HealAir] I can not get the voice prompts in the device

    Please check the ‘Speaker volume’ menu on your mobile phone.
    When the setting is off, the function will not do not work.
    Please control the volume size for your convenience.

  • Product Issues

    [HealAir] The device doesn’t work with a voice prompt “Please replace the supplies.”

    It is necessary to initialize the replacement cycle after replacing supplies.
    The replacement cycle of supplies is 4 months (120 days), and a voice guidance is announced before 5 days of the replacement cycle.
    If you do not still replace the supplies after 5 days of the replacement cycle, the device will stop operating with a vice guidance
    “Please press the reset button in the lower right for 2 seconds after replacing supplies.”
    If the problem continues, please contact to A/S center.

    * A/S center : 1833-3109

  • How to use

    [HealAir] How do I replace the supplies?

    Check the components of supplies box. The components are Safety gloves, HEPA filter, Cartridge, Cartridge case, Arc generator.

    ① Open the right lid and install the HEPA filter
    ② The safety gloves keep your hands to install the cartridge
    ③ Open the lid of the cartridge
    ④ Remove the guide bar
    ⑤ When you insert the cartridge to the case, please face ‘L’ shape to outside
    ⑥ Close the guide bar
    ⑦ Open the left lid and install the arc generator and cartridge in sequence
    ⑧ Push the reset button on the bottom of the right side of the device or on your device.

  • How to use

    [HealAir] What’s in the supplies box?

    The supplies box has HEPA filter, Cartridge and Arc generator.